Our story

Michael Sean Powell is the youngest son of a single mother who struggled to raise 2 sons without help. He watched his mother work double shifts and second jobs to provide for her family, but money was always scarce. Christmas was always a bleak time with few gifts and his mother at work during the holiday to earn that much-needed extra money. Christmas is always a less joyous time for kids like Mike and his brother Roy, who died several years ago. 
In his brother’s memory, Mike created Roy’s Kids in 2010 to help single mothers and those who are raising children in a single-parent household with limited income in effort to provide Christmas presents for their children to match their desires. It has since grown to include many other endeavors for underprivileged children during the year to make sure these children are not left out because of financial difficulties. We also work during the year with other charities in various events to help these underprivileged children. Our latest effort has been a successful drive to supply backpacks and other needed supplies for back-to-school for these kids.

Roy’s Kids is a charitable organization for the Shreveport-Bossier City area. Our workers are all volunteers. They take requests from potential clients and vet them for inclusion in our program. We have donors who may adopt a family, a child, or simply donate either supplies or money. Our volunteers do the Christmas shopping, gift wrapping and delivery in time for these kids to have a wonderful Christmas that would not be possible without our assistance.